Stratus Glass LLC.

Window Cleaning and Sealing

Based in Canyon, TX

About US

We are a Canyon based window cleaning service dedicated to giving you the cleanest glass possible. Our glass cleaning techs use cutting edge techniques to make sure your windows, shower doors, patio tables, and/or cabinet doors get clean and stay clean. We also offer cutting edge ceramic glass sealing that will keep your glass clean longer while preventing hard water spots and water etching.

We are also a certified installer of Glassparency hydrophobic glass coating that can be applied to shower doors, marine windows, and any structural windows that experience lots of moisture such as a window in the spray line of a sprinkler. This coating is considered a custom job highly dependent on several variables so you will have to contact us for pricing.

Window Cleaning

$3 Per Pane Per side*

Ceramic Glass Sealing

+$1 Per Pane*

In person quotes available from: 5:30pm–8pm, Monday through Friday.

Contact us to schedule and appointment, Ask for Zach!

Phone: (806)316-5161